Sharecare Social Club

This redefining suite experience focuses on socializing and features a mix of cabanas, terrace tables, plush couch and lounge suites, which are accompanied by all-inclusive food, beer, and wine.

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Sharecare Social Club

Get An Inside Look

3 Seating Selections

Lounge in a Cabana, sit at a Terrace Table or select from individual, plush seats.

Get Social

Cheer. Mix. Mingle. Repeat.

With a heavy focus on networking and socializing, and sporting an impressive mix of seating options, Sharecare Social Club will provide a high-energy atmosphere for patrons to hang out before, during and after events.

Great Selection

Eat up. Drink up. Get it all.

Whether it's during an epic concert or a heart-pounding game, this club is all-inclusive with the best food and beverage options*.


*Beer and wine only. Liquor is not included. 

Bridge Bar

Snag a drink on the way to your seats.

As a centerpiece, the Bridge Bar will be located on a completely new walkway connecting suites to the social experience.

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